Leave me alone

Turn the lights on wake up the classroom

You won’t believe what they’ve become.

The new evolution, a little fish coming out of the water

With a gun, with a gun.

The tv is a soldier, The *radio`s over

You are now the star on a puppet show

Cause you’re so special, you’re so unique

you are the one in the whole world.

the world is yours.


All this time I never realized

Day and night those things are turning black


I don’t care about the things you say

I know well who I am

you will never understand me


Leave me alone!

leave me alone in this world! It ́s cruel


Nature is rotten. The water is frozen

Civilization’s broken down

Pretty and Small girl You’re on the covers,

Ready to Jump into the void? Jump along?

Sealed lips are over!, we have spoken.

We’ll smack you with our words. We say go!